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  • Welcome to JWB

    Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns B.V.

    And welcome to our site!  

    After our first steps on the digital highway, some years ago, we thought it necessary to renew our website. Innovation, renewal is something we pursue continuously. We develop new solutions for the archive and conservation market. The one time with, or commissioned by a customer. The other all by ourself. We introduce new cover materials. Or new, even more beautiful, or better self-adhesive films for e.g. interior design, book protection, or advertising/communication. There is one thing we never lose out of our mind: our 'history'. We realise on a day to day basis, where our roots are... In the early days a certain Mr. Wijsmuller had a tannery. And in the year 1777, he obtained the right (by the representative of Napoleon), to pay taxes. (Imagine this today!)

    We cordially invite you to browse through our site. And should you come across any omission; do not blame us, but be so kind to report it. We will adapt is immediately.

    Furthermore, before you 'click on'; having a website does absolutely not mean that we intend to communicate with you electronically only. We are convinced of the power and the value of speech. By phone, or sitting face to face. At the table at your address, or with us. We leave that choice totally to you!

    For a first introduction check out our business video.

    Kind regards,

    Cora, Gisela, Inge, Jan-Christiaan, Jeanet, Nelleke, Nicole, Oscar, Peter, Petra, Robert, Ronald and Thomas.