Setalux HP certified for HP Indigo 12000 series!

Wormer, 02 May 2018

  • Linen


  • Setalux, the linen bookcover material of Manifattura del Seveso (It), obtained the HP certification for digital printing on the HP indigo 12000 series. Small runs (even every print personalized) can now be produced in full colour!

    Highly essential is the rating that the product received for "fixing"; the adhesion of the ink on the material. SetaluxHP got the highest rating at this point: three stars. It means that wear off of the printed image due to the (normal) use of a book (band) is negligible.

    Setalux HP is available in white, in sheets and rolls (50 m x 140 cm).

    Within the total range of Manifattura del Seveso all linen qualities can be enhanced by offset- and screen printing (next to Setalux HP some by digital printing too!), foil stamping and embossing. Of course, the end result is affected by the density of the base cloth and whether the surface is coated or not. The more threads in warp and weft, the finer the linen is and the more detail will be recognized in the image. A coating (for example at the buckram qualities) also provides a more ‘closed surface’ and thus a better (‘tighter’) result.

    For optimal registration on the (offset) press Cialux and Setalux in white, are delivered with a 70 gsm backing paper (normal 40 gsm). The material thus shows greater rigidity which improves the registration. The higher paperweight diminishes 'curling' and ‘transparency’ also.

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