ASLAN introduit SL 27 et SL 28: un nouveau film du laminage, en mat et brillant, surtout pour la protection des encres UV.

Wormer, jeudi 21 juin 2018

  • Film protecteur

    Film protecteur

  • ASLAN, the German manufacturer of self-adhesive special films, now offers a new laminating film for the protection of UV-curable prints. The self-adhesive film, available in matt (SL 28) and gloss (SL 27), is specially developed for the protection of substrates printed with UV-curable inks. This transparent laminating film protects the printed surface from UV rays, weathering and mechanical wear.

    Compared to a conventional laminating film, the special adhesive of UV-PrintProtect ASLAN SL 27 and ASLAN SL 28, guarantees excellent adhesion on UV-curable printed media without any of the disturbing silvering effect*.

    This high class laminating film is the right choice for digital prints with a high color brilliance, is scratch resistant and ideally compatible with the ASLAN digital printing films.

    The self-adhesive PVC-film is available in the dimension 135 cm x 50 m.

    For further information and samples, please contact us.


    *Silvering is caused when tiny air bubbles are captured between the adhesive on an overlaminating film and the surface of a UV-print. Silvering is generally most noticeable in the dark shadow areas of a print.


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